Usher was spotted in Manhattan on Christmas Eve. He shared an umbrella with longtime companion and friend, Grace Miguel. Check out the photos in the gallery.


Usher hit KissFM in London to do a little more promotion earlier today! Check out the photos in the gallery.


Usher was spotted last night at the Mercedes-AMG And Lufthansa ARTHAUS Reception, in Miami FL. Check out the photos in the gallery.


Usher was spotted in Beverly Hills earlier today, running a couple errands. Check the photos out on Usher-Pictures.Com


Ryan Seacrest and his foundation donated a new multimedia broadcast studio in the celebrity host’s name to Boston Children’s Hospital Friday.

The studio, which will be named Seacrest Studios, will serve as an opportunity for patients at the hospital to create various media projects.

Seacrest was joined at the hospital in a red carpet event by Grammy award-winning artist Usher, the Swon Brothers, and Shawn Mendes.

“Providing our patients and families with the best possible hospital experience during their stay is an absolute priority for us,” said Sandra L. Fenwick, the hospital’s president and CEO, in a statement. “The addition of Seacrest Studios is a wonderful way for our patients to be active while they recover.”
“We’re so excited and proud to be opening our eighth broadcast media center at world renowned Boston Children’s Hospital,” Seacrest said. “Sometimes patients get bored during their stay at a hospital; they miss being active and just being kids. We hope the studio will serve them as not only a welcome distraction, but as a constant source of fun and inspiration.”


Usher delivered a nonstop performance Thursday night at TD Garden in which he expressed gratitude to his loyal fans.

In the middle of his performance Thursday night at TD Garden, Usher stood still for several moments. He rooted himself in the middle of his elaborate, multileveled stage, quieted his dozen-member-strong band, and had his eight dancers wait off to the sidelines and talked to the audience about how grateful he was for their loyalty.

Considering how packed the house was given that Usher doesn’t have a current hit — the “UR” album from which the tour was intended to take its name has been pushed back to 2015 — and how frequently — perhaps a little too frequently — Usher ceded the songs to the crowd to sing, loyalty is not an issue.

It was a lovely moment and one of very few in the nonstop, sweaty, hour-and-fifty-minute show in which the R&B star was not in motion as he worked through his back catalog of hits with a combination of dazzling precision and soul-stirring warmth.

Even when he was singing ballads, Usher couldn’t quiet the feet that seemed to move of their own effortless accord. They took him sliding, stepping, and skipping across the stage with both fluidity and sharp angles, his body punctuating the music like its own separate percussion instrument. This spectacle proved useful when he dipped into the area of his repertoire that favors rhythm over melody.

Crucially, the erstwhile “The Voice” judge/coach got back to using his own and when the two elements were combined the results were sublime as the beat throbbed and his voice soared on the airy dance pop of “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” or he let loose his falsetto and locked into rich harmonies with his backing vocalists for an intimate version of “There Goes My Baby.”

A peak came during a throwback soul passage with Usher and his band digging into a more classic, horn-soaked R&B sound for “U Remind Me,” “Caught Up,” and an epic take on “Twisted.” That song found Usher pushing his voice to a limit, clearly jazzed by the stripping off of the gloss and channeling his inner James Brown for the night’s best vocal. An a cappella passage during “Burn” — with the audience pitching in on backing vocals in a way that felt truly collaborative — also seemed to energize the already pumped Usher.

The night’s only true momentum killer was when he brought a flock of female fans onstage to dance to “Bad Girl” as it took nearly seven minutes to pick them all and escort them up and they were gone in less than half that time.

His energy never flagging Usher brought things home with the triumphal stomp of “Yeah!” and an aerobic version of “Without You.”

written by Sarah Rodman (Boston Globe)


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11.01 – Montreal, QC
11.02 – Toronto, ON
11.05 – Cleveland
11.07 – New York City
11.10 – Washington DC
11.11 – Philadelphia, PA


Usher took the stage and offered up a concert that many will never be able to forget! Singing hits like OMG and U Make Me Wanna, Usher also performed some new music and brought Chris Brown on stage to perform New Flame. Check it out below.

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