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4 Great Benefits To The Planet From Recycling Old Clothes

In the face of increasing global warming, many people are wondering and thinking what they can contribute to help save the planet and stop the harm being done to the environment. In fact, people around the world are taking action by recycling, composting, and enacting other eco-friendly ways to try and do their part.

One thing that not many people consider when they try to reduce their carbon footprint is their clothing habits. Treating clothes in an eco-friendly manner, however, can be largely beneficial for the mother Earth and can reduce ones carbon footprints significantly. Here are some reasons why recycling your clothes will help the planet:

Keep Clothes out of the Trash

If you discard your clothes away, there’s only one place they’ll be found: a landfill. It’s likely your clothes won’t decompose for hundreds, if not thousands of years, means that they’ll be taking up space and polluting the ground for that period. Additionally, landfills are costly and maintaining them takes important money away from other projects and services that can be beneficial to people more.

Recycling your clothes is a great method to keep them from becoming a burdensome garbage. Maybe your shirt will have a new life being worn by someone else. Maybe someone will wear your denim jeans as part of a craft project. Recycling your clothing makes them useful again and prevents them from becoming a burden in a landfill full of waste.

Reduce Emissions

If your clothes  end up reaching a landfill, the lack of oxygen  will cause your decaying clothes to release harmful and toxic greenhouse gasses. Keeping your clothes out from a landfill helps in preventing the release of greenhouse gasses, slowing the drastic effects of global warming.

Help the Less Fortunate

Recycled clothes are frequently sold at resale and second-hand stores for much less than they were worth originally. This provides people who need clothing a chance to wear exciting, interesting or stylish clothes for low prices. Donating your clothes to one of these stores will help people in need and provide them with the clothes they need to work for jobs or live their lives for relatively little money.

Other organizations donate used clothes to people in need in developing countries. Your clothes could help a person struggling to make a living and give a better life to someone with a poor economic outlook. Your old clothes can be worn or resold by people in other developing countries, improving their lives and stimulating economies around the world.

Conserve Energy

It takes a lot of energy and hardwork to create a piece of clothing. From the manufacturing and treatment of various fabrics and materials to the -lengthy assembly process, each piece of cloth you wear took a lot of time and energy to be produced. Throwing away clothes after you’re done with them means more will have to be created, requiring a greater amount of energy and expenditures.

Recycling clothes gives it a longer lifespan, which justifies the energy spent to produce it. The longer time or period a piece of clothing is useful and functional, the less overall energy is wasted. Donating your clothes reduces the demand for making more, limiting the amount of energy consumed in clothing manufacturing every year.

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