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8 Tips for Buying Second Hand Furniture

1.) Try out furniture before you buy: Whether you are buying second-hand furniture on craigslist or in garage/real estate sales, you need to “sample” first and then currency exchange. Open the drawer in the cabinet, sit on the chair, leaning on the table. If the item is damaged, you need to confirm that the item is still in satisfactory shape so that you can start using it at home. Even if it is damaged, please make sure that you are confident that you or others can repair it and pay appropriately according to the condition of the product.

2.) Trust your senses when buying second-hand furniture: Furniture placed in other people’s homes may give off the smell of past owners. Please consider this when buying furniture. Certain smells may be emitted, while other pets or smoking smells will not. Don’t be fascinated by so many things that you forget that this is ready to be part of the family.

3.) Second-hand mattresses can harbor germs: Although very attractive, it is recommended not to use second-hand mattresses. The mattress will hide bacteria, and bugs that you can’t see. If you need a mattress and cannot afford a new one, consider buying a futon mattress or air mattress until you can afford a traditional mattress.

4.) Reupholstering can save you money: Second-hand old furniture may be built with high-quality structural components, and may only need to be “refurbished”. Similar to refurbishing an old house, a few years ago, the craftsmanship and quality of furniture have been improved. Don’t think about looking through old Queen Anne chairs in antique shops, but consider the potential and money savings of buying brand new imitation furniture.

5.) Pay attention to the support system of couches: The cars are not equal in internal structure. Pay attention to the mesh support of the sofa cushion or styrofoam peanuts. They will not last long. Instead, choose an eight-way hand-tied support structure and cushions filled with down or wrapped in foam.

6.) Laminate and veneer furniture can be beautiful: Don’t ignore it just because veneer and solid wood furniture are not solid wood. Check whether the veneer adheres to the particleboard or the attached substrate. Depending on where you use the furniture, laminated furniture is more prone to abuse and daily wear and tear than wood. Usually, if the laminate breaks, it can be glued back, but be aware of those pieces that do not adhere to a large area.

7.) Hardwood furniture will last longer when taken care of: Hardwoods such as oak and maple make durable furniture. When buying second-hand wooden furniture especially sofas, please stay away from cork such as pine. Pinewood is suitable for objects that are not subject to weight and pressure for a long time. When considering buying durable second-hand products, look at the type of wood.

8.) Metal furniture makes good seconds: The refurbished wrought iron or aluminum furniture is beautiful. When you find second-hand metal furniture, consider its potential rather than appearance. Remove rust and recoat with durable outdoor paint powder coating, especially for covering metal furniture. You will be amazed at how the new paint brings life to your new discoveries.

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