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Do’s and Don’ts of Thrift Store Shopping


Visit Several Stores

The best thing that thrift stores offer to you about the variety any two stores would hold will not be the same and no two stores will have similar items. One will have a lot of things in hand when they explore various thrift stores.

Make it Easy to Try Things On

Be prepared to try different items as there are no try rooms in thrift stores, so dress accordingly.

Keep an Open Mind

 Thrifting is a fun activity as you never know what you get while thrift shopping. There are chances that you may not get the things you have on your mind. So visit with an open mind and don’t disappoint if you do not find the items on your wish list.

Learn Basic Mending Skills

Most of the time people give away precious things just because of small mending such as replacing a zipper or button etc. So having mending skills will assist you in getting hold of such things.

Get to Know the Staff

Having good relations with the staff at thrift stores will help you to grab the best deals. Friendship with the staff you can get to know about the upcoming sales and the list of articles that are going to be in the sale and can get the best one saved for you.

Inspect Items with a Critical Eye

Stains, odors, or major damage you can’t easily repair yourself are the major lookouts while visiting a thrift store. As most of the thrift stores do not offer returns.


Buy Just Because it’s Cheap

Excessively low thrift store prices may entice you to buy more than what you really want or need. Just because it is cheap does not mean bargaining. Unless you are sure you want to use or put on something, leave it to the next lucky treasure hunter.

Assume All Stores Have the Same Policies

Regarding payment methods, store policies for returns and donations vary greatly. Don’t assume that all thrift stores have similar policies. To avoid frustration and confusion, when you visit the store for the first time, ask the staff to outline its policies.

Hesitate to Bargain

The prices in thrift stores are very low, but this does not mean that they cannot be lowered. If you think the price of something is too high, ask if they are willing to spend less money on it. Do this with courtesy, and don’t get discouraged if they don’t bargain.

Forget to Wash or Dry Clean Items Before Wearing

You will be excited about new discoveries, but be sure to take some time to wash or clean them before wearing them. For items that are only dry cleaned, home cleaning systems are easier and cheaper than going to a dry cleaner.

Make these Common Mistakes

There are certain things that must not purchase from thrift stores. The list includes underwear, swimsuits, fitness equipment, and hats. And be extra careful when buying used shoes. Unless they are brand new or unworn, it is best to put them on a shelf.

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