Home Remedies to Soothe Pain from Braces

People generally think that having braces is very painful. The reality is that it does hurt initially but after you get used to wearing braces it would become normal. You may experience more discomfort when your dentist puts the braces on or when your wires are tightened. You can follow the given below home remedies to relieve the pain of braces.

Oral Anesthetics

The most simple way to get relief from braces is rubbing oral anesthetics on sensitive teeth and gums.

Ice Packs and Cold Soft Foods

Ice packs are ideal for reducing inflammation and swelling caused by wearing braces. You can apply a homemade ice pack directly on your cheeks to penetrate and reach the area where the braces are placed.

It is important to avoid chewing or sucking on ice cubes as this will interrupt your braces and require an emergency orthodontic appointment. Certain foods, such as ice cream and smoothies, after getting the braces can significantly relieve pain in the areas where the braces are causing discomfort. When using an ice pack, you may need to put it on a terry cloth to prevent a cold from being too extreme for you.

Pain Medication

Over-the-counter pain relievers are ideal for reducing the pain and discomfort associated with braces. In particular, an anvil can reduce swelling, which may be beneficial for patients with mild to moderate inflammation caused by placing or tightening the stent. Before taking any medicine, please read all the instructions on the medicine label.

Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic wax helps protect oral soft tissues that are scratched or irritated by braces. For leads that feel sharp or irritate certain areas of the mouth, orthodontic wax may be required. You can apply wax to the brackets that are in contact with the inner cheeks or lips.

Wax can be cut into small pieces and applied to any part of the mouth. Orthodontic wax can be found in most pharmacies and shops selling dental products. Oral use is clear and safe. If you find that you must use orthodontic wax for excessively sharp wiring or enclosures, please make an appointment with your provider.

Warm Salt Water Rinses

Warm salt water rinsing helps solve various dental problems. They help resolve infections and pus in the mouth, as well as problems affecting wisdom teeth and pain. If your braces make you feel pain or discomfort, you can rinse them with warm salt water to reduce pain and reduce swelling, and inflammation.

Softer Foods

When wearing braces, eating only soft foods can relieve most of the pain and discomfort. Hard foods such as vegetables, fruits, candies, and pretzels can cause discomfort and pain. Similarly, hard and chewy foods can cause the brackets to shift or the wires to break, taking care of your braces more difficult. Switching to a soft food diet can reduce pain, swelling, and tenderness.

After placing the braces and tightening the braces first, you must adhere to a soft diet. During the rest of the orthodontic treatment, avoiding hard, fragile, sticky, and chewy foods can help prevent discomfort.

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