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How to get the best deals at thrift stores

Thrift store shopping has long been a necessity.  It is not only a dependable way to save money, but it’s fun.  You can find a Liz Claiborne skirt (new, with tags) hanging next to one from Wal-Mart! For the same price. If you have enjoyed playing treasure hunts, it’s time to give thrift store shopping a chance. Here are some tips to get started.

Have a plan but don’t stick to it.

Know what items you need. If you wish for khakis and a jacket, don’t forget to look for them. Although making a plan is a wise idea sticking to it when you find things beyond your expectation will not be good enough for you.  Even the best deal you found on your favorite brand isn’t a good deal if the item will just stay in the closet.

Buy artwork

This sounds like crazy advice because the most popular genres in thrift stores are found to be Creepy Clowns. But wait. Look at the frames. Even the most laughable painting out there may be in a perfectly respectable frame. The framed picture at a thrift shop will often cost far much less than the price of a photo frame at a conventional store.  Before you go, decide what kind of photographs and other pictures you’d like to frame. Then get a tape measure with you to see if any of the frames are of the right size.

Shop the sales

Some of the prices aren’t low enough, many thrift stores have regularly scheduled sales for customers.

Get new stuff. That’s right. Not everything at thrift stores is used. Some Retail stores regularly donate unsold goods or products that face damaged packaging to thrift stores. Ask the sales clerk of the thrift shop or store if those donations arrive on a particular day of the week.

Think “potential”

If you sew clothes then look at clothes, table cloths, bedsheets and other linens as fabric. A dress in a style you would never wear in life might be made out of a gorgeous fabric that would cost far more to buy in a fabric store. Is that table really beaten up-or does it just need to be refinished a bit?

Teach your children well

Bring your children along with you and give them a few dollars. Let them search what they can buy with those few dollars. Give them the same amount of money in a conventional retail store so they can see the difference. Encourage your kids to find unusual, funky clothes so that you can mix and match. This is the most effective money-saving tip of all because you might end up with a teenager who puts together unique outfits from a thrift store, rather than one who insists to shop at Hollister or Neiman Marcus.

Bring your camera and have fun

Shopping at a thrift store doesn’t have to be just about saving money. You can enjoy it too. Take some time to look at the goods on the knick-knack shelf.  But take a look and just imagine for a moment the stories behind these objects. Happy hunting!

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