Thrift Shopping: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Buy Clothes

What is Thrift Shopping and Why?

Have you ever heard of  ‘thrift shopping’ before? Thrift shopping is found from the word ‘thrift shop’, which is a shop that sells second-hand items that are still decent and wearable.

For some people, the image of “buying second-hand” can be dreadful and not acceptable. Even then, thrift stores themselves have recently gained popularity and are considered an alternative way of shopping with its own benefits, especially in terms of the environment.

To illustrate, the textile and garment industry, specifically fast fashion, resulted in negative impacts on the environment. Such impacts are water pollution, the use of dangerous chemicals, as well as the increasing amount of textile waste. In addition, garments and textiles are most difficult to recycle.

Clothes are indeed one of human’s basic needs. Even so, the fulfillment of such a need does not have to cost our one and only mother earth. This is where thrift shops play their role and become one of the solutions for shopping for clothes while minimizing the negative environmental impacts.

In addition to being eco friendly, thrift shopping also has several other advantages as follow:

1 . Cheap Price with Relatively Good Quality

One of the main reasons why people choose to shop in thrift stores is due to the super low price of items. Moreover, it is possible that the clothes that are sold in thrift stores tend to be more durable based on the fact that they have survived one “life cycle” from the previous owner. Especially compared to fast fashion clothes which tend to be easily worn out or stretchy after being used and washed only several times.

2 . A Chance to Experiment with Style and Colors

Clothes that are sold in thrift shops may not be trendy or in fashion, but it becomes a reason for people to be creative in mixing the clothes that they stumbled upon. You can even try a new style that you might have not thought of before.

3. Opportunity to find Unique or Rare Clothes 

If you buy your clothes in conventional stores or shopping malls, chances are that you might meet another person who wears the exact same clothes. In other words, the clothes that are sold in department stores and clothing stores are so rich in variety.

That is likely not the condition if you shop at thrift stores. Let’s say that you are able to find this cute floral skirt in your nearest thrift shops. You might even become the only person in town who owns that skirt.

Also, thrift shopping offers a possibility for you to find a hidden gem or limited-edition clothes that are no longer available in the market.

4. You’ll get to take a trip down memory lane

When you visit a thrift shop, you’ll find all kinds of pop culture goods to bring back amazing memories.

5. You can develop good spending habits in your kids.

If you have children then taking them to a thrift store is a good practice to teach them how to find good condition products while saving money.

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