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Tips to Save Money on Kids Shopping

It’s that time again. It’s time to buy paper, pencils, and crayons to prepare the child to go back to school. School supplies can cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, the cost of going back to school to buy clothes is even higher. Your 13-year-old son’s shooting height in summer is 2 inches, and your 8-year-old daughter’s clothes look like rags. You know, the future of any clothes you buy this season will eventually meet the same fate. 

Here are some useful tips to help you save money on returning to school uniform this year: 


Classify your child’s clothes and decide which clothes to keep, as well as clothes that are not worn because they are no longer suitable. This gives you a clear understanding of what you have and what you need to buy. 

Tip: If your child hasn’t worn any cloth for more than a year then throw away those things. Knowing that they didn’t wear any clothes for a year, at the beginning of the school year, but all the hangers back on the shelves. If the hanger still tilts back when the next school year arrives, you will know that they haven’t worn the item for a year. 

Make a wardrobe update

Just because some of your children are not wearing clothes, it does not mean that the clothes are unwearable. Consider sewing patches on jeans or using cool ironing decals on shirts to give them a new life. Tie-dye can also turn boring old hats, shirts, and scarves into fashionable and exciting fashions. If a pair of pants look too short but still fits the waist, consider cutting off the ends to make Capri pants or shorts. 

Make your own clothes

You may find that sewing clothes are an interesting and fulfilling hobby. Involve your children and have some fun in creating a new fashion that can be worn to school. 

Sell the old and buy the new

You can sell them on eBay or Craigslist, or by taking them to a resale store for sale or as a trade item. In fact, I made enough money to buy more casual clothes. 

Change clothes

This is a great way to save money. If you have friends with children, please check if you can choose their old clothes and ask them if they also want to see your child’s old clothes. In the past year, I have done this with toddler clothes several times with a few friends who also have toddlers. 

Ideally, everyone involved in the exchange should set aside boxes based on size and age, and put the best things in the box. As the younger children in the group grow up, they continue to flood in lightly used clothes of the right size. 

Have a budget 

Before you go to buy school uniforms, please make sure how much you will spend. To help you stick to your budget, please carry cash only when shopping (ie envelope budget system). This can help you keep your budget within the budget and can help your child understand the knowledge of money management.

Donate used clothes

If you find that you don’t want to throw away your old clothes, remember that somewhere, someone might gratefully use the clothes just sitting in the closet at home. Donate old clothes in good condition to Goodwill or other charitable organizations so that others can enjoy your clothes.

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