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Tips to Spend Less on Clothes

It doesn’t matter whether you wear $30 jeans or a $200 handbag. If you are reading this article, you may want to spend less on clothes and accessories. So following are some tips which will help you in spending less money on clothes. 

Start with getting cash for the old items

Before considering buying new clothes, you need to empty your closet and fill your wallet first. I’m talking about getting rid of the clothes that you bought for special occasions three years ago and putting down the jeans that you gave up because of unexpected weight loss.  If anything that you had in the past which didn’t satisfy you should be moved out. But where? My vote is for the local consignment store. 

If the consignment shop does not accept them, you can try a garage auction. And, if that doesn’t work, you can send them to your local thrift store. However, you probably spent a lot of money on these clothes, so if you can, try to compensate for some of the costs. 

Go to thrift stores and consignment shops

When you want to buy, I hope you go to the consignment store and thrift store again. Yes, I know these are the places where you just unloaded your old stuff, but not everyone throws unwanted items there. Some people don’t want to bother to sell their goods. Some people donate very good things to thrift stores which are actually pretty good. 

Then check out eBay

I must admit that this is not my first choice for clothes, because you are relying on the seller’s description and photos only that may or may not show all the details. In addition, you may have to put in shipping charges for certain auctions, and there may not be a return policy for certain purchases. 

In other words, I had good luck with bargaining baby clothes on eBay, and I also saw some discounts on designer clothes. If you are shopping on eBay, please pay special attention to the description and seller feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  

Don’t forget to look at garage sales

The last second-hand option for buying cheap clothes is garage sales. You may need to go through many bad items to find these gems. If you don’t like this hunting method, you can try the online garage sales committee via Facebook. 

Shop at the end of seasons

If for any reason you don’t want to wear someone else old clothes then, in that case, you will be forced to buy new clothes. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will be trapped in buying new clothes that are overpriced. 

The first strategy that you can use to save in the store is to buy at the end of season sale. Shopping at the end of the season is an art as the earlier you buy, the higher price you have to pay and waiting for too long may miss the items that you dreamed of. 

Find coupons or wait for a sale

Sometimes you can’t wait until the end of the season. If the temperature in November is 20 degrees, then a winter coat is needed in November. In this case, you at least need to look for sales opportunities.  

Compare prices online

Before logging out of your computer, go to the shopping comparison site to see if you can find the same clothes at a cheaper price elsewhere. 

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