Top Tips for Furniture Thrifting

1.) Special care for Children’s furniture: One has to remain more vigilant while buying kids second-hand furniture as it could be recalled and not installed properly. So it is all the more important to ensure the quality of the material used.

2.) Don’t overlook getting dumpster and trash day finds: This point definitely does not mean finding the products from the trash can rather it addresses the trash that we find almost everywhere in apartment buildings, dormitories where second-hand furniture is not in good condition due to minimum use. People who need to relocate to far places avoid carrying their old furniture to save the extra costs of shifting.

3.) Assembly required’ furniture may not be sturdy: Self-assembly furniture is a good and economical choice for buying expensive branded furniture. However, when looking for furniture in second-hand locations, pay attention to self-assembled furniture. Usually, the furniture does not have all the original works, or may not have the original structural intention when it was originally assembled.

4.) Make sure to refinish old furniture for its new purpose: Want to bring an old dressing table and use it as a bathroom sink? This idea is one of the latest trends and is especially suitable for antique and vintage furniture. Make sure to waterproof wood or other finishing materials. Rearranging the furniture is a good idea, but you don’t want to destroy the “new” relics you find.

5.) Drive a vehicle large enough to haul away your furniture: One of the biggest mistakes made is not planning to take home. Many stores keep your merchandise for a few days, while others require you to take away the furniture that day. If you know that you want to buy a sofa, plan some stores and yard sales, and prepare a truck to move your furniture. You may not want to find something “perfect”, but you can’t send it home immediately.

6.) Check furniture retailers who rent furniture first: Before looking for an ideal place for second-hand furniture all over the city, try a furniture retailer who rents furniture from the company. This furniture is usually used gently, and often these retailers often carry out clearance sales to get rid of inventory. Second-hand furniture does not have to be worn by the previous owner. Corporate customers sometimes rent furniture for several months and then return it to the retailer.

7.) Second-hand furniture from hotels can be perfect for your home: Although it can be difficult to find, the hotel usually renovates and then sells the old furniture to the public. Check newspapers, online classification, and word of mouth to see when a local hotel near you might sell furniture after renovation.

8.) Arts and crafts suggestions for masking imperfections: Have you fallen in love with second-hand furniture, but the surface shows wear? How to add wallpaper cutouts as a tailoring form to customize the appearance? Add wallpaper, and then seal the surface with a transparent sealant. The sealant will prevent the wallpaper from lifting and prevent water rings and surface marks.

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